Research Unveils a Remarkable 67% Delay in Age Hardening

For agency professional engineers

The former head of pavement materials at the country's largest state DOT published research findings that identified pavements with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond installed had a 67% delay in the age-hardening of the asphalt. 

This detailed research report explores the outcomes of reducing age-hardening:

  • Keeping asphalt flexible
  • Prolonging the useful life of the pavement 
  • Reduces cracking resulting from pavements becoming brittle
  • Lower pavement lifecycle costs, saving taxpayer dollars


Explore a Cost Effective Solution to Age Hardening with High Density Mineral Bond (HA5)

Learn everything you need to know about High Density Mineral Bond (HA5), from the perspective of a professional engineer, to help maximize the life of your pavement assets at the lowest cost over time.

In this white paper:

  • Review of key elements to preserving and extending pavement service life
  • The importance of proactive pavement preservation
  • Ways to control oxidative age hardening